This playlist was developed along with my good friend Eric Zapffe. together we built this playlist to listen to as we watched the Moon become totally eclipsed inside the shadow of the earth. This was a good time drinking on a roof watching the moon.

The playlist turned out pretty well, and is open for public collaboration! So please enjoy for all of your Moon gazing nights and feel free to add your own favorite Moon inspired songs 🙂

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2 of a kind 

Continuously updated. This is a playlist of pairs. Two songs back to back that I feel are linked in some way.

It could be the melody, the rhythm, the feel, the message, or really anything as simple as a memory these two songs share. Please enjoy and try to guess the connections if you like that sort of thing.

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One of the first playlist I ever made. Just like the music featured, “it is the best we could with what we had at the time.” Lol a simple fun playlist with some of my favorite indie-pop bops. I hope you enjoy and discover something new.

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New Singles in Your Area

Thinking about moving to Austin, Texas? Everybody is doing it. Get up to date with the locals so you don’t look like a phony!

This a playlist I made while working for KTSW in San Marcos, Texas. These are new singles released by artists in Texas at the time of it creation, Jan. 2019. Maybe  something here you’ve never heard, maybe you’ll go see them play live. maybe…

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