Top 5 albums to fuel your creative expression

For some, silence is golden. inside with the windows shut, no ac/c blowing or electronics humming. pure and simple no distractions, the voice in your head is loud and clear. For me and many others, silence is the great expanses of space, a daunting nothingness void of subject and meaning. if you are like me then you get it. fire is made with friction. little atom in their environment bouncing off each other creating the sounds of the world and bringing life to our surroundings. creativity for me requires a spark. and a groove. a path to fall into is extremely helpful when the creative path is unclear. music is a guide for self-expression that encourages me to take my project form a spark of inspiration to a complete work of art by the end. it is one with the music and ill be forever linked to that environment.

Number 5

Dots and Loops by Stereo Lab. if you’re not familiar with the band, Stereo Lab is an English-French avant-pop band formed in London in 1900. this album is one iteration of the raw sounds in our world coming together in a beautiful symphony. full of driving rhythms and unexpected twists this album fills the void and transports me to a 1980’s vision of the close but still distant future. its a mall with giant artificial skylights. bright colored plastic plant and little robots zipping between department stores. a place where multi-talented workers of the future design, build and sell products from a single location. what I’m talking about is a well-furnished headspace curated by 5 Europeans in a studio in 1997. the sound is a blend of electronics and acoustics finely sewn it can be tricky discerning form which instrument that one sound originated. The sing shuffle between English and French lyrics causing dispassion with the lyrics. I don’t try to understand the song by focusing on that single voice but instead, I experience the song as a while and let the experience fill my head with wonder.

Number 4

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