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The Millbrook Estates

A band from Austin TX. Neo-psyche-dream-freak-folk-pop. Progressive in every sense of the word. They have released nine songs online, but continue to write and audition new material live. This energetic and unpredictable four-piece will surprise the experienced psychedelic fan with structural ingenuity and fascinatingly odd pop hooks. The lyrics are smothered in a bottomless well-echo. However, the feeling and message still reach an attentive listener. This is a live video, single-shot, I recorded at Hotel Vegas (sorry for the poor audio). I decided to just have the visual effects because wtf not?

As a friend of the band and practicing audio engineer I was asked to mix two of their songs “Post Truth Animal” and Finders Keepers.” These two tracks were released together in Spring, 2019.

Additionally, I mixed this song “Maria The Possum” for the band in Spring, 2018. “Maria the Possum” was released with the band’s debut EP,¬†Enter.

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