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The Cuckoos

iCuckoo: The Cuckoos have started their own weekly streaming show that airs every Saturday at 6 pm CST on their Facebook page and YouTube Channel. They interview artists, talk about news, share opinions on popular movies and albums, and perform live from their house in Austin, Texas. This show was started after the stay at home order began in Austin in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

I was able to interview The Cuckoos at their house and we covered everything from influences and style to musical direction and the songwriter’s message.

Originally recorded and posted for KTSW 89.9 in San Marcos, TX.

I worked as one of two videographers on The Cuckoos’ music video “Why Don’t U Ever Call Me Anymore?” This video was made in various locations in Austin, TX. Written, directed, and edited by the band’s singer Kenneth Frost.

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